The 9th Luang Prabang Film Festival

8-13 December 2017

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 Filmmaker Present

Outdoor Night Venue

Indoor Day Venue

13 Dec

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Night Venue

Our outdoor screening space, the Handicraft Market, was renovated by UNESCO in 2003. At the main intersection in town, this venue is ideal for cultural and public events, and can accommodate over 1,500 people.

Day Venue

Sofitel Luang Prabang, a five-star resort housed in stately French colonial buildings, serves as the festival’s daytime venue. Our feature film screening room can seat 75 people, while our short film screening room can seat 20 people.

Shuttle Service

Every fifteen minutes, a free shuttle is available to bring guests between the two venues.

Public Discussions

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Date: 9 December 2017 // Time: 2pm

Pirated copies of films have been ubiquitous in Asia for some time now, but with the rise of the internet across the globe, piracy is now rampant and universal. The easy access to free streaming films with few (if any) consequences remains a threat to the livelihood of filmmakers everywhere, particularly independent filmmakers. Panelists will discuss the issue of piracy, particularly as it applies to filmmakers in the Southeast Asia region, as well as potential preventative measures.


  • Adeana Greenlee, iflix
  • Josephine Alon, Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines
  • Peter Fowler, United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Susan Lee, Motion Picture Association of America



Date: 11 December 2017 // Time: 2pm

Kong Rithdee, LPFF’s Motion Picture Ambassador for Thailand, will be our guide on this daylong excursion through Thai cinema. As film critic for the Bangkok Post and a filmmaker himself, Kong will use his comprehensive film knowledge to give context and add nuance to a screening program containing contemporary Thai features and shorts, as well as a special screening of the recently-restored 1954 classic, Santi-Vina.


  • Boonsong NakphooWandering
  • Kong Rithdee, LPFF Motion Picture Ambassador
  • Laddawan RattanadilokchaiThe Couple
  • Sanchai ChotirosseraneeSanti-Vina
  • Sompot ChidgasornpongseRailway Sleepers

Date: 10 December 2017 // Time: 2pm

In spite of the popular association of Southeast Asia with Buddhism, the region’s most practiced religion is Islam, with adherents comprising about 40% of the region’s total population. The panel, which is made up of Muslim film professionals and filmmakers who tell stories with Muslim themes and characters, will discuss how the culture and religion of Islam plays a role in their filmmaking or in the films of others.


  • Harlif MohamadRina 2
  • Kong Rithdee, LPFF Motion Picture Ambassador
  • Nurain PeerayaRina 2
  • Sheron DayocWomen of the Weeping River
  • Tunku Mona RizaRedha


Date: 12 December 2017 // Time: 2pm

Finding funding for a documentary film is no easy task. Approaching potential investors can be daunting, and mastering the best approach takes time, practice, and, perseverance in the face of rejection. Panelists will discuss the financing process and advise filmmakers on how to get the money they need to realize their projects. They will touch on different pitching strategies and the various sources of funding available.


  • Bryce Norbitz, Tribeca Film Institute ®
  • Kenneth Lipper, American producer
  • Nontawat Numbenchapol, Thai director
  • Ramona Diaz, Motherland
  • Varadila Daood, In-Docs

Films Around Town

Festival Archive

(Screenings at the French Institute)

Selections from the Youth and Agroecology Short Film Competition

Screenings at 5pm and on demand.


(Screenings at Friends Visitor Center)

Delivering Our Promise-Lao Friends Hospital for Children (7’)
Director: Adri Berger

Volunteer at Lao Friends Hospital for Children (10’)
Director: Adri Berger

Donate Blood for Luang Prabang (5’)
Director: Adri Berger

Screenings on loop and on demand.


Never too late to say sorry ບໍ່ເຄີຍຊ້າ ທີ່ຈະຂໍໂທດ (7’)
Director: Kinnaly Chanthaphone

The Giving ການໃຫ້ (7’)
Director: Montry Phommachanh

Easy to throw… ຖີ່ມງ່າຍເກັບຍາກ (7’)
Director: Mai Keophimpho

Mother’s Day ວັນແມ່ (7’)
Director: Maxy Khounpixay

Screenings on demand


(Screenings at Ock Pop Tok Heritage Shop)

Wild Asia Transformational Tourism: Ock Pop Tok (4’)
Director: Cyril Eberle

Fair Trade Laos: Ock Pop Tok (3’)
Director: Fair Trade Laos

Screenings on demand.


(Screenings upstairs at Big Tree Café)

Manolo (19’)
Director: Robert Bohrer

Zing (8’)
Directors: Kyra Buschor and Cynthia Collins

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (5’)
Director: Adri Berger

The Right of a Child (10’)
Director: Adri Berger

Wie Immer (As Always) (7’)
Director: Zubin Sethna

Rising Hope (10’)
Director: Milen Vitanov

Gruppenfoto (Group Photo) (20’)
Director: Mareille Klein

Screenings at 5pm and on demand.


From Mountain to Cup (4’)
Director: Matt Brandon

Screenings on a loop.


(Screenings at Ock Pop Tok Heritage Shop)

Lao Silk & Handicraft (20’)
Director: Peter Livermore

Our Forest (65’)
Director: Peter Livermore

Discovering Laos (45’)
Director: Peter Livermore

Lao Fashion Week & Young Designer Project (15’)
Director: Peter Livermore

Information Films (32’)
Director: Peter Livermore

Voyage of Discovery on the Nam Ou River: Reflections of Life & History (52’)
Director: Peter Livermore and Jean-Michel Le Saux

Screenings on a loop.


Tai Dam Courtship Games (9’)
Director: Peter Livermore

Katu Village Life (6’)
Director: Peter Livermore

An Interview with Ai Viphat (3’)
Director: Peter Livermore

Screenings on loop in the TAEC Patio.
A small entrance fee is collected to enter the museum.

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2017 LPFF Talent Lab

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Program Overview

In the second year of an exciting collaboration, the Tribeca Film Institute® (TFI) will lead an expanded two-day Talent Lab for Southeast Asian filmmakers on grant writing and project pitching at the 8th Luang Prabang Film Festival, which will take place 8-13 December 2017.

After sessions of instruction, practice, and a pitch forum with feedback given by various industry professionals, one project showing great promise will be selected by a jury to attend the TFI Network market, which will take place in New York City during the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival®. There, TFI will arrange meetings for the filmmaker with editors, distributors, and financiers. TFI will then mentor him or her through the completion of the project. The selected project will receive an airfare stipend of $1,500 to travel to New York City, and hotel accomodation for the length of the TFI Network. All participants in the Talent Lab will also receive preferential consideration for any of TFI’s grants.

Additionally, Aurora Media Holdings, one of Southeast Asia’s leading media and entertainment asset incubation, investment and management specialists will select one project to receive their Aurora Producing Award with a $10,000 cash investment to go towards the production of the completed film project. The award, which aims to discover and co-produce the best feature concepts and filmmakers, has now been a notable feature in some of the most influential project markets and film events in Asia over the past few years.

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2017 Talent Lab Projects

The 10 selected projects, which are in various stages of production, come from six countries from the ASEAN region: Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Thailand. The pool is equal parts documentary and narrative features, with five projects of both genres participating. Attendees taking part in the Talent Lab will include directors, writers, and producers behind the films.

The participating projects include

  • Autobiography (Indonesia), represented by Makbul Mubarak (director) and Yulia Evina Bhara (producer)
  • Bai Bibyaon, Lady Warrior of the Lumad (Philippines), represented by Cen?n Obispo Palomares (director, writer)
  • Cat Island (Philippines), represented by Siege Ledesma (director, writer) and Ang Alemberg (producer)
  • Doi Boy (Thailand), represented by Nontawat Numbenchapol (director, writer)
  • Going Straight (Philippines), represented by Kristoffer Brugada (director)
  • It Wasn’t an Accident (Myanmar), represented by Soe Moe Aung (director)
  • Luzviminda (Philippines), represented by Inshallah Montero (director)
  • Raising a Beast (Laos), represented by Xaisongkham Induangchanthy (director, writer) and Abigail Lazaro (producer)
  • Song of the Homeland (Thailand), represented by Preecha Srisuwan (director, cinematographer)
  • Wilderness (Malaysia), represented by Nadira Ilana (director, scriptwriter)
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Activities During the Talent Lab on 9-10 September 2017

1. Learning How to Pitch

Filmmakers complete an exercise to talk about their projects and begin to hone their pitches in a clear and engaging way. The session will be a practical, back-to-basics approach to clarify what the filmmakers’ stories are about, and what they are looking to convey to help to keep their pitch focused.

2. Practicing the Pitch

Filmmakers volunteer to present their pitches to the group, and TFI will provide feedback on pitches and improvised meetings. TFI will help review questionnaires for the projects and comment if the pitch accomplished the story they are trying to tell. Other projects can weigh in for peer-to-peer review.

3. Group Lunch and Informal Meetings

TFI and other invited industry meet with filmmakers in an informal round-table setting, providing more opportunity to discuss the projects and pitches. After the pitch forum, attending industry professionals are welcome to schedule one-on-one meetings with filmmakers.

4. Public Discussion: Funding/Grants Info Session

TFI will lead a short session on funds available to filmmakers, with dates and the processes to apply. TFI will speak to the “do’s and don’ts” on writing a grant application and tips on taking a funding meeting. TFI will present examples of successful applications, and give advice on improvements, with a Q&A discussion included. All participating filmmakers, including those with both documentary and scripted projects, will receive priority status for TFI grant programs in the future.

5. Pitch Forum

Each project will pitch in front of a group of invited influential media professionals, having refined their pitch with feedback from the workshop. Working alongside a jury of various industry professionals, TFI will form a panel to provide detailed notes on each pitch. The jury will choose one project to join the 2018 TFI Network market.

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