Talent Lab 2019

Program Overview

Once again, for its fourth year, the LPFF team will collaborate with the Tribeca Film Institute® (TFI) to lead an exciting Talent Lab for Southeast Asian filmmakers.

The three-day lab will run as an intensive work session open to feature-length scripted projects in advanced development and feature-length documentary projects in mid-to-late editing stage. During the lab, participants will build their abilities by pitching to an audience of their peers and receive critical support in developing their projects from industry professionals.

On the last day of the Lab, a public pitch will be held and an industry jury will select one project showing great promise to attend the TFI Network market, which takes place in New York City during the Tribeca Film Festival®. There, the filmmaker will meet with production companies, sales agents, distributors, financiers, film festivals and more.

The selected participants receive an airfare stipend of $1,500 to travel to New York City, as well as hotel accommodation for the duration of the TFI Network market. All participants in the Talent Lab will also receive preferential consideration for any of TFI’s grants.

Additionally, Aurora Media Holdings, one of Southeast Asia’s leading media and entertainment specialists, will select one project to receive their Aurora Producing Award. The award consists of a $10,000 cash investment towards the production of the completed film project.

Applications for the 2019 Talent Lab have now closed. Watch this space for an update on the 2020 Talent Lab.

[LPFF] is bringing the Tribeca Film Institute to Southeast Asia – that’s something that used to be far-fetched. This is a dream come true.”
– Abigail Lazaro, Producer

Talent Lab Call 2019

Activities During the Talent Lab on 7-9 December 2019

  1. Learning How to Pitch

Filmmakers complete an exercise to talk about their projects and begin to hone their pitches in a clear and engaging way. The session will be a practical, back-to-basics approach to clarify what the filmmakers’ stories are about and what they are looking to convey in order to keep their pitch focused. 

  1. Practicing the Pitch

Filmmakers volunteer to present their pitches to the group, and TFI will provide feedback on pitches and improvised meetings. TFI will help review questionnaires for the projects and comment if the pitch accomplished the story they are trying to tell. 

  1. Story Development

Filmmakers will share their projects for full script and/or footage reviews with TFI and other invited mentors. TFI will identify gaps in storytelling within each project and provide guidance on creative development. Other projects will weigh in for peer-to-peer review.

  1. TFI Grants Info Session

TFI will lead a short session on funds available to filmmakers, with dates and the processes to apply. TFI will speak to the “do’s and don’ts” on writing a grant application and tips on taking a funding meeting. TFI will present examples of successful applications, and give advice on improvements, with a Q&A discussion included. All participating filmmakers, including those with both documentary and scripted projects, will receive priority status for TFI grant programs in the future.

  1. Business Workshop

Justin Deimen of Aurora Media Holdings will lead a session on writing business plans, running co-productions, and an introduction to film financing methods.

  1. Group Lunch and Informal Meetings

TFI and other invited industry will meet with filmmakers in small groups, providing more opportunity to discuss the projects and pitches. After the pitch forum, attending industry professionals are welcome to schedule one-on-one meetings with filmmakers. 

  1. Pitch Forum

Each project will pitch in front of a jury of invited influential media professionals, having refined their pitch with feedback from the workshop. Working alongside a jury of various industry professionals, TFI will form a panel to provide detailed notes on each pitch. The jury will choose one project to join the 2019 TFI Network market. A second project will receive a $10,000 production investment and distribution guarantee from Aurora Media.

  1. Sunset Cruise on Mekong Kingdoms

Following the pitch forum, all filmmakers will board a Mekong Kingdoms boat for a sunset cruise, where the jury will announce the project selected to attend the TFI Network market. Aurora Media Holdings will also announce the project selected for the Aurora Producing Award. Beverages and canapés will be provided, and filmmakers will have the opportunity to network with the jury and celebrate the end of the Talent Lab.

Talent Lab 2019
Talent Lab 2019