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Take a Closer Look

With support from Oxfam’s Voice program and in conjunction with @ My Library, LPFF produced a series of Lao-language educational science videos called “Take a Closer Look.” To help teach a subject that is often difficult for students to learn without visual aids, two mentors — one physics professor and one experienced Lao filmmaker — guided students from @ My Library through the production of five videos that offer visualizations of basic physics concepts. While learning to create both science experiments and videos to explain them at the same time, the film and physics students produced tangible, educational outputs that make science class more dynamic. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, these demonstrations make physics interactive, accessible, and fun.

Take a Closer Look: Easy Motors

Have you ever wondered how your motorbike works? Learn how to make a simple motor with @ My Library students!

Vacuum Cleaner

Make household chores more interesting and build your very own vacuum cleaner!

Remote-Controlled Vehicle

Design your own remote-controlled cars and challenge your friends to a race!

Walking Robot

Step into the future and learn how to make your own walking robot!

Engine Pistons

Want to make engine pistons? Here’s how in less than 7 minutes! 

Take a Closer Look