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Many Voices, One Laos

With support from VOICEMany Voices, One Laos is a short film program that focuses on Lao identity. These six projects feature groups in Laos that are rarely represented in mainstream media, such as women, the young, the elderly, indigenous, LGBTI, and disabled people.

The Apprentice Singer
by Xam Keodouangdy

A sixteen-year-old boy in Southern Laos dreams of becoming a Mo Lam singer. But in order to support his family, he must split his time between the farm and his Mo Lam troupe. This film depicts a day in the life of a Lao boy who balances his passion for singing and his obligation to his family.

Dancing Style
by Mitpasa Sitthihakpanya

Sakda, a boy with the heart of a girl, has always wanted to be a dancer. On his death bed, Sakda’s father requests that he does not perform in front of an audience. Can Sakda navigate the tension between his dreams and his father’s memory?

The Flower on the Mountaintop
by Ting Veu

A Hmong girl, Ba Yeuy, must pursue an education in secret. When her mother falls ill, Ba Yeuy saves her mother’s life by reading medical instructions. After Ba Yeuy proves the importance of her literacy, will her parents let her to go to school?

Luang Prabang Soul
by Xaisongkham Induangchanthy

Mrs. Hongamad, a classically-trained singer and dancer, once performed for soldiers at the Royal Palace. Now, an elder, the Luang Prabang native passes on these traditional art forms and reflects on her history.

by Soupha Rawady

This documentary explores the intersectional identities and experiences of Lao individuals who identify as LGBTQI and live with disabilities.

Who Are You?
by Vilaxay Khodmontry

Ten disabled people are asked a unifying question: “Who are you?” This documentary seeks to show the diversity and normalcy of disabled people in Laos.

Many Voices, One Laos