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Love Laos: Keep it Clean
Short Film Competition

In Laos, awareness about the environmental effects of improper waste disposal is not yet widespread. To address this problem and promote sustainability, the Asia Foundation and LPFF have teamed up for a new video campaign surrounding waste management in Laos called “Love Laos: Keep it Clean.” We selected the campaign\’s videos through a short film competition, for which we received many applications of short films in the Lao language made by young Lao filmmakers. These films and public service announcements address waste, litter, and proper disposal in Laos in an effort to encourage the public to develop more sustainable habits.

LPFF is excited to present the top three films from the short film competition, as well as the film that went the most “viral” online. Many thanks to everyone on Facebook who participated in the viral video competition and liked and shared their favorite videos!

Love Laos: Keep it Clean
First Prize:
A Thousand Year Gift
by Houmphanh Phahongchanh

A man receives a very memorable gift for his birthday.

Second Prize:
Five Friends with Clean Hearts
by Ken Pitsapheng

Five friends realize the dangers of careless waste disposal and team up to clean their town.

Third Prize:
Where Does It Go
by Sophie Vongkhamsao

Follow the path of a plastic grocery bag to Vientiane\’s landfill.

Viral Prize:
Garbage Man
by Midpasa Sitthihukpanya

A garbage collector recognizes the unexpected value in trash.

Love Laos: Keep it Clean