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Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of films do you show at the festival?

The Luang Prabang Film Festival only shows films of all genres from ASEAN-member countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam). Currently, our main focus is feature-length films from these countries, but we also include sidebar short film programs from Laos and the Southeast Asian region.

How are the films selected?

Our program is curated by our Motion Picture Ambassadors, who are film experts from around the region. They recommend to us the best recent films made in their respective countries. Based on those recommendations, we reach out to relevant filmmakers and distribution companies. Finally, our local Selection Committee and the Lao PDR’s Department of Cinema collectively decide on the best program for each year’s festival.

How do I submit my film to the festival?

As explained above, we do not have an open call for submissions. However, if you’d like to recommend a film made in Southeast Asia, you may send a DVD to the address listed on our Contact page and include this form in your package. If appropriate, we may share the title with your country’s Motion Picture Ambassador for their consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Involved

Am I able to volunteer at the festival?

We’d love your help, both during the festival and throughout our planning stages. Please get in touch, let us know your availability and whether you have any relevant skills or experience that you think would benefit the project.

How can my company or organization become a sponsor?

We welcome the support of various kinds of organizations, and have several sponsorship levels to match a range of budgets. If you’re interested in sponsoring the festival, please contact LPFF’s Executive Director, Sean Chadwell at

Can I make a donation to the festival?

Yes, and we’d appreciate it very much! Donations can be made through the Luang Prabang Fund for Culture and Conservation, and all US-based contributions are tax-deductible. Please see our Individual Donations page for more information.

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Attending the Festival

Do I need to purchase or reserve tickets to the screenings?

All of our listed screenings and activities are free and open to the public. There are no tickets to reserve, and seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. For our Day Venue screenings and panels, we recommend that visitors arrive on time (if not early), as there is limited seating.

How can I get from one festival venue to another?

Luang Prabang is a very small town, and our main venues are just a few minutes’ walk away from each other. However, every fifteen minutes, a free shuttle is available to bring guests between the two venues. Most of our Films Around Town locations are also accessible by foot, though the town has bicycles for rent and affordable tuk-tuks for hire. Additionally, many hotels offer various transportation services to their guests.

Is parking available at the venues?

There is free street parking available most of the time. During the evening screenings at our Night Venue, secure parking is available across the street at the Tourist Information Center.

Do the films have subtitles?

We screen all our films in their native languages with English subtitles.

Are there restroom facilities at the venues?

All of our venues have restroom facilities. There is a small fee to use the public restroom at the Night Venue, which is located behind the screen.

Is food available to purchase at the venues?

There are food and drinks available for purchase at both our Day and Night Venues. Grab dinner at the evening market and eat at your seats!

Does the festival sell DVDs of the films it screens?

Currently, we do not sell any DVDs of the films in our program. We suggest contacting the distribution companies directly for any film-related purchases.