Filmmaking 101

The Luang Prabang Film Festival has joined forces with Lao New Wave Cinema to launch a series of videos for its newest educational activity, Filmmaking 101. The program consists of nine short tutorial videos for Lao filmmakers in the Lao language, released on YouTube and Facebook as an ongoing reference for creators of media in Laos.

Hosted by Kaewkun Saengphachan (a well-known Lao actor, singer, and filmmaker) and Anysay Keola (president of Lao New Wave Cinema and writer/director of At the Horizon and Above it All), each video focuses on a different aspect of film production. Produced at the Lao New Wave Cinema studio in Vientiane, the videos feature practical shots and detailed explanation regarding numerous skills needed for filmmaking, like how to prepare for a production, ways to achieve certain visual effects, or tips for high-quality editing.

In a country with no film schools and a nascent film industry, the videos are designed specifically for filmmakers with little to no budget in order to show how accessible filmmaking can really be.

Episode 1:
Top 10 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make
Episode 2: So You Want to Make a Movie?
Episode 3: Pre-Production Checklist for New Directors
Episode 4: Who’s in the Film Crew?
Episode 5: Guidelines for Interesting Composition
Episode 6: Tips for Basic Sound Design
Episode 7: Working with Actors
Episode 8: Filming with Natural Light
Episode 9: 5 Steps After Filming
Filmmaking 101
Filmmaking 101