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Luang Prabang
Film Festival

1 – 5 December, Luang Prabang

2012 Schedule

Filmmaker Present

Outdoor Night Venue

Indoor Day Venue

2012 Public Discussions

2012 Screenings Around Town

  • From Opium Poppies to Coffee Beans
    Director: Matt Robinson
  • Free the Bears
    Director: Adri Berger
  • Portraits from Luang Prabang
    Director: Adri Berger and Paul Bloxham
  • Song of the Lao Elephant
    Director: Hyun Cheol Son and Adri Berger
  • Tai Dam Courtship Games
    Director: Peter Livermore
  • A Lao Wedding in Luang Prabang
    Director: Peter Livermore
  • Selected Short Films
    Director: @ My Library Students
  • House of Dream
    Director: Joshua Freedman
  • The Call of the Loom
    Director: Nicholas Sauret and Joanna Smith

2012 Short Film Programs

Making Messages: Filmmaking for Public Service Announcements

Produced by the US Embassy and the Luang Prabang Film Festival, this workshop for 15 participants took place in July of 2012.

Throughout the world, documentary films are more popular than ever. In addition to empowering individual people, new technologies are extremely useful in helping to educate people on social issues, including health, the environment, and public safety. Such work, designed to change public opinion, are commonly called public service announcements (PSAs). 

Led by American filmmaker Bill Megalos, this workshop was devoted to teaching the skills necessary to make PSAs and issues-based media campaigns.

Peter Livermore: Selections from 20 Years of Filmmaking in Laos

British documentary filmmaker Peter Livermore first came to Laos 23 years ago for a film project and became profoundly attached to the people and the culture. Since then, he has relentlessly pursued the celebration of Lao culture through film, music, publications, and cultural actions.

With proximity to his subjects and the aesthetic quality of his images being central to his art, he feels it is essential to be on the ground and operate his cameras and microphones himself to try to capture the life and emotions of a people.

Livermore carries out his filmmaking activities between France and Laos, but also has many film missions throughout the world. In 1997, Livermore founded SevenOrients, a film production company with its own ethic and vision to serve culture and society

Lao Shorts

  • Memory of Souls (Nicholas Sauret, 2005) 18′
    The Akha of Northern Laos have their own traditions and way of living.
  • Sleepless Nights (Xaisongkham Induangchanthy, 2012) 17′
    In Vientiane, a young working woman and a young night guard cross paths in an office.
  • Happy Laos (Vannaphone Sitthirath, 2012) 17′
    What makes Lao people happy? Let’s get a few answers.
  • Mom… I… (Phanumad Disattha, 2008) 9′
    A simple girl is living a simple life in Thailand with her beloved mother.
  • Phuan Folk Song (Doklao/Padetc, 2011) 6′
    Young Lao singers keep their traditional folk songs alive by learning this art from their elders.
  • Creative Juice for Lao Kids (Bounthanh Phongphichid, 2011) 26′
    Three illustrators show their artwork and discuss their impact on a new generation in Laos.
  • Environmental (Chongkham Phonekeo, 2008) 1′
    Two kids are on the way to enjoy the countryside, but are not prepared for nature.
  • Letter Back Home (Nith Lacroix, 1994) 13′
    Young Lao and Cambodians who live in San Francisco talk about missing their homeland and introduce us to their daily life.
  • The Cage (Anysay Keola, 2010) 6′
    A young woman is trying to find her own identity behind a closed door.
  • Lives of Ou River (Bouttasing Namthipkesone, 2012) 24′
    The Nam Ou is one of the main rivers in Laos, where the Khmu people have lived and died from one generation to another. 

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