Films Around Town

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Several organizations in Luang Prabang have chosen film as a medium to convey their message. Whether for dissemination, art, documentation, training, or for promotion, these short films have been produced with the intent to share a story via moving image. The organizations listed welcome you to watch their films and learn more about their activities.

Please see our festival map to find the organizations listed. Entrance to all locations is free, except where noted. Many of these films will be on display throughout December or longer.

Adri Berger Photographer & Filmmaker

  • Great Photographers - (10')

    Director: Adri Berger
    Two vignettes highlighting the art of Elliott Erwit and Eikoh Hosoe, who have provided continued support to the Friends Photo Auction. These two films help raise funds to build and maintain Hospitals for Children in Cambodia and Laos.
  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings - (5')

    Director: Adri Berger
    This is a short experimental film set to Maya Angelou’s poem.
  • Birth in the Health Centre - (10')

    Director: Adri Berger
    This film was made for Save the Children in Khmu language with English subtitles.
  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site - (54')

    Director: Adri Berger
    Touching on the heritage of Luang Prabang and showing the city in its beautiful surroundings, this film was supported by the U.S. Embassy in Vientiane as part of their continued effort to assist, promote and preserve the cultural heritage of the Lao PDR. English narration.

  • Screenings at 5pm and on demand.

Cultural Media Library

(Screenings at Tiger Trail Sales Office)

The Cultural Media Library is a platform to share and preserve cultural heritage in Southeast Asia through story-driven documentary films. We welcome viewers from all over the world to browse our collection, watch, learn, and enjoy; and we encourage regional filmmakers to submit and share their local stories.

  • Melody of Bamboo - (6')

    Director: Ka Xiong
    One man, two wives, and a flute.
  • Tak Bat - (3')

    Director: Seangpheath Southnavong
    Sometimes the young give us hope for the past.
  • Net - (5')

    Director: Sean Chadwell
    A stitch in time.
  • LAYERS - (4')

    Director: Aaron Minks
    Buffalo dung to perfection.
  • Hmong Shaman Ceremony - (2')

    Director: Cyril Eberle
    Master of spirits.
  • Phralak Phralam - (6')

    Director: Houmphanph Phahongchanh
    A look behind the mask.

  • Screenings on loop and on demand.

Elephant Conservation Center

  • Song of the Lao Elephant - (50')

    Director: Hyun Cheol Son
    In Laos—once known as the Land of a Million Elephants—only around 900 Asian elephants remain, with the numbers still declining. Produced and shot locally by Adri Berger for KBS Television in South Korea—where it had over 3 million viewers—this film chronicles the plight of the Asian elephant in Laos.

  • Screenings on demand.

Events for Good

(Screenings at Friends Visitor Center)

  • Running Home - (20')

    Director: Emily Vidal
    Nang is a committed Lao-American woman who was motivated to do a 225-kilometer run through Laos. Her ‘Run Home’ was fueled by a desire for connection to her childhood home. Nang’s love for running—a love learned in the US—brought Nancy, Siri, the director of this film, and many others alongside Nang in her journey. Throughout the run, the roads were often lined with kids, excited and impressed that this incredible feat was being accomplished by Lao women. Lao girls in particular, who lack opportunities and heroines, can now look to women like Nang, Nancy, Siri, and Thouni and see the power of sports.

  • Screenings on demand.

Lao Friends Hospital for Children

(Screenings at Friends Visitor Center)

  • Celebrating 20 Years of Friends Without a Border - (8')

    Director: Adri Berger
    This overview of the history of Friends Without A Border’s medical work in Southeast Asia begins with the opening of the Angkor Hospital for Children (Siem Reap) in 1999, and later shows the 2015 opening of the Lao Friends Hospital for Children (Luang Prabang).
  • Lao Friends Hospital for Children Opens the ER - (5')

    Director: Adri Berger
    The Lao Friends Hospital for Children expands from Inpatient and Outpatient Departments to open its Emergency Room in late 2015.

  • Screenings on loop and on demand.

@ My Library

  • A New Day - (11')

    Director: Novice Vongkham Mittapo
    A young novice sent to the temple against his will by his father struggles with adapting to life in the temple.
  • Adopted Son - (5')

    Director: Xengkong Xiong
    Based on a traditional Hmong folktale, this heartwarming tale tells of the perils and rewards of adoption.
  • Real Friends - (7')

    Director: Pa Nyia Thor
    What are “real friends”? Are your friends on Facebook and chat your real friends? Noy’s birthday helps her understand the meaning of real friendship.
  • Love on Facebook - (10')

    Director: Saimon Hur
    La searches for love through Facebook. Will she find it there?
  • Other short films

    Director: Various Directors
    This collection of other short films includes “Without Mindfulness,” which won 1st prize at the 2016 Vientianale Lao Short Film Festival, and “No Stealing,” which won Best International Entry in the 2014 Kids for Kids UK Cinemasports Young Filmmakers Awards.

  • Screenings on demand.

Ock Pop Tok

(Screenings at Ock Pop Tok Heritage Shop)

  • Discover Laos Through Textiles: Ock Pop Tok Village Weaver Project - (4’)

    Director: François Yazbeck & Thibaud Vinant
    At Ock Pop Tok, we invite visitors to “Discover Laos Through Textiles.” We do so by giving them a firsthand look at Lao weaving at our Living Crafts Centre. However, we want them to have a glimpse of village life as well. This film looks at five Village Weaver Projects to show how unique and special each ethnic group is in this beautiful country.
  • Ock Pop Tok Village Weaver Project: In Their Own Words - (3’)

    Director: François Yazbeck & Thibaud Vinant
    Hear from weavers from five different Village Weaver Projects throughout the north of Laos. Each from a different Lao ethnic group, they speak to their traditions and the importance of weaving for them and for their villages.

  • Screenings on loop.

SevenOrients / Creative Seven Arts

(Screenings at Chez Matt)

  • Lao Silk & Fashion - (50’)

    2 December 2016
    Director: Peter Livermore
    This programme of films focuses on Lao Fashion Week plus fashion shows of Phaeng Mai, Lao Young Lao Designers Project and Phaeng Mai/Khang silk production.
  • Lao Tourism & Trade - (20’)

    3 December 2016
    Director: Peter Livermore
    These films were made to promote Laos in ASEAN.
  • Our Forest - (60’)

    4 December 2016
    Director: Peter Livermore
    This documentary was filmed in Bokeo with the aim of promoting environmental awareness and protection of the forest.
  • Social Development - (45’)

    5 December 2016
    Directors: Peter Livermore and Jean-Michel Le Saux
    These three films were made for Government Ministries, international organizations, and NGOs in Laos. The first concerns Gender Inclusive Development; the second addresses Disaster Risk Reduction in Kasi District; and the third documents a revolutionary system of mobile banking for the poor.
  • Improving Lives in the Deep South - (70’) 6 December 2016
    Director: Peter Livermore
    This two-part documentary focuses on an agricultural project in the five southern provinces of Laos.
  • The Festival of Light: The End of the Buddhist Lent - (26’)

    7 December 2016
    Director: Peter Livermore
    This film captures the end of the Buddhist Lent, which is characterized by a spectacular festival orchestrated around light.

  • Screenings on loop 4:30-10pm throughout each day, except Saturday 4:30-7pm.

Tiger Trail Travel

  • Tiger Trail - (3’)

    Director: Cyril Eberle
    We Are Laos.
  • MOTOLAO - (3’)

    Director: Cyril Eberle
    Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride.
  • FAIR TREK | Eco Bungalow - (3’)

    Director: Cyril Eberle
    Slow down your pace of travel and spend some time at the Eco Bungalow in the Hmong village of Long Lao Mai.
  • FAIR TREK | The Orphan Tale - (6’)

    Director: Cyril Eberle
    Hear a tale from a Hmong storyteller in the village of Long Lao Mai.

    Director: Cyril Eberle
    Listen to this Ho Chi Minh Trail story.
  • Laos Eco-Tourism adventure in Nam Et-Phou Louey NPA - (3’)

    Director: Cyril Eberle
    View rare wildlife in Laos at the community-based eco-tourism project at Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area.
  • MOTOLAO DIARIES | Khammouane province Laos - (5’)

    Director: Cyril Eberle, Aaron Minks
    Discover Khammouane province of Laos.

  • Screenings on loop and on demand.

Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre

  • Women and Folktales: Traditional Stories from Ethnic Villages in Laos - (22 shorts: 2’ – 13’ in length)

    Various Directors
    These traditional folktales told by seven women from Hmong, Kmhmu, and Tai Lue villages around Luang Prabang Province include “What the Buffalo Told the Humans” and “The Dog and Her Three Daughters.” Three of the stories have been turned into vibrant animations, and all are subtitled in English and Lao.

  • Screenings on loop in the TAEC Cafe.
    A small entrance fee is collected to enter the museum.