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Luang Prabang is an elegant walkable town built onto a slice of lush land at the convergence of two big rivers, one of which is the mighty Mekong. It boasts over thirty active temples and is teeming with monks- their daily parades through town paint it with streaks of saffron. Despite UNESCO World Heritage Site status and many antique buildings (of both traditional Lao and French colonial architecture), it hosts a plethora of boutique and five-star hotels and amenities, as well as lots to do for the intrepid traveler.

Getting There

Luang Prabang has an international airport, and is accessible from a number of major cities in the region by air, with several direct flights. The town is also accessible via road from several directions, and via boat from Northern Thailand.


December is one of the nicest times to visit this special town. However, as it is nestled in between mountains, the mornings and evenings begin to get a little brisk during this period. Bring a sweater to curl into while at one of our outdoor screenings.

Hotel Partners

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