featured titles

  • Blood Road - USA, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia

    Blood Road

    (USA, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia)

    Although she's used to pushing her body to its limit, nothing could prepare ultra-endurance mountain biker Rebecca Rusch.


  • By the Time it Gets Dark - Thailand

    By the Time it Gets Dark


    A film director and her muse who was a student activist in the 1970s, a waitress who keeps changing jobs, an actor and an actress, all live loosely connected to each other by almost invisible threads.


  • Cemetery of Splendour - Thailand

    Cemetery of Splendour


    Soldiers with a mysterious sleeping sickness are transferred to a clinic in a former school. The memory-filled space becomes a revelatory world for volunteer Jenjira, as she watches over Itt, a soldier with no family visitors.


  • Die Beautiful - Philippines

    Die Beautiful


    Years after abandoning his family in search of the mythical "City of Jade,” director Midi Z’s brother is released from Mandalay prison.


  • Father and Son - Vietnam

    Father and Son


    Ca is a young boy who lives with his father in a mountainous area. Ca dreams of reaching the nest of what he thinks is a huge bird in the sky (which is actually an airplane), and climbing to the top of the tallest building in an unknown city.


  • In Exile - Myanmar, Germany

    In Exile

    (Myanmar, Germany)

    After filming political footage, Myanmar filmmaker Tin Win Naing must flee his country. As a refugee amongst refugees in Thailand, his camera becomes the most important tool to survive.


  • Turah - Indonesia



    The harsh competition of life has spared the despondent inhabitants of Kampung Tirang. They are plagued by pessimism and overwhelmed with fear, especially of Darso, the rich boss who has given them "life."


  • Unlucky Plaza - Singapore

    Unlucky Plaza


    Singapore: a cosmopolitan hub, tourist paradise and safe haven for the rich. But beneath the city’s clean, shimmering façade, things are unravelling for Sky, a smarmy property guru swimming in debt;


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