2-7 December 2016

2015 - Audience choice award

featured titles

The Cambodian Space Project - Not East Rock’n’Roll - Cambodia
The Cambodian Space Project - Not Easy Rock’n’Roll

In a Phnom Penh karaoke bar in 2009, Australian musician Julien Poulson hears the extraordinary voice of poor village girl Srey Thy.

The Look of Silence - Indonesia
The Look of Silence

Through Oppenheimer’s footage of perpetrators of the 1965 Indonesian genocide, a family of survivors discovers how their son was murdered...

Chiang Khan Love Story - Thailand
Chiang Khan Story

When Tookkae grows up, he makes his long-time dream come true by being a part of film production.

The Second Life of Thieves - Malaysia
The Second Life of Thieves

Mr. Tan discovers that his wife has disappeared with his friend Mr. Lim, with whom he has had a secret relationship for decades.

The Monk - Myanmar
The Monk

A young boy, Zawana, enters a small village monastery led by U Dahma. Zawana has doubts if a monk’s lifestyle is right for him, but he grows to like the old abbot.

The Search for Weng Weng - Philippines
The Search for Weng Weng

The bizarre history of Filipino B-films, as told through filmmaker Andrew Leavold's personal quest to find the truth behind the midget James Bond superstar Weng Weng.

Slam! - Singapore

Raised in a strict household, Yasmin finds the missing passion in her life when she begins to secretly take professional wrestling lessons.

Somboon - Thailand

This film tells a heartfelt love story of a suburban Grandpa Somboon towards Grandma Miad in their last period of married life.

Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere - Vietnam
Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere

When a teenage girl gets pregnant, and the young father of the baby proves useless, she has to work as a prostitute...