6-10 Dec 2014


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Teaser of the luang prabang film festival 2013

featured titles

ah boys to men - singapore
Ah Boys To Men

Spoilt brat Ken Chow attempts various ways to escape his National Service when his plans to study abroad with his girlfriend get disrupted.

a river changing - cambodia
A River Changes Course

This film is the story of three young Cambodians struggling to maintain their traditional way of life while the modern world closes in around them...

contradiction - malaysia

One City from perspective two very different women. A story about to escape fate, or to accept fate.

Denok & Gareng - Cambodia
Denok & Gareng

In the constant stream of hoping, failing and making new plans, Denok and Gareng stay united in their passionate struggle to make it up the hill one day...

Karaoke girl - Thailand
Karaoke Girl

A young country girl is working at a bar in Bangkok as an escort to support her family in rural Thailand.

Mater Dolorosa - Philippines
Mater Dolorosa

At the heart of every Filipino film is the family, according to Adolfo B. Alix Jr. In his cool yet charged Mater Dolorosa, the actress Gina Alajar, who is very well known in the Philippines...

Thy Womb - Thailand
Thy Womb

An infertile midwife and her husband find a surrogate mother so that they can have a child.

Thy Womb - Laos
Hak Aum Lum

Sack, a pop singer, returns to his birthplace once again after having left to pursue his dream. In doing so, he also left many people behind, especially Sopha, his long-time lover.